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Visit the French American Business Week


CEO-Vision - Tuesday May 19 2016

Why does CEO-Vision SAS go to the French American Business Week?

From its first days, the startup aims to expand internationally and especially across the Atlantic Ocean ! Actually, the USA are somehow our second country : Mr Christopher Potter, President and Founder of CEO-Vision SAS, being a Franco-American citizen.

French-American Business Week


CEO-Vision - Tuesday May 10 2016

CEO-Vision SAS will be at the first French-American Business Week held at the Embassy of France in Washington DC on the 18th and 19th May 2016.

The French editor CEO-Vision SAS is thriving and plans to expand its share in exports by targeting US companies.

Based on the best of OpenSource, the collaborative ECM GoFAST attracts more and more government agencies and big organizations, looking for a low-cost ECM but demanding on the quality of the services provided.

GoFAST wins european bid in Belgium


CEO-Vision - Tuesday Nov. 24 2015

The Belgium Federal Agency BTCCTB (Belgium Technical Cooperation) has choosen CEO-Vision's GoFAST collaborative Document Management System.

CEO-Vision SAS - the opensource innovative software vendor wins its first european bid after only 2 years on the market.

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