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Some Technical Details

Collaborative ECM Architecture: Sustainability and Efficiency

The GoFast platform is the achievement of over 10 years/man of R&D

The platform GoFast is a concentrate of technologies adapted to easily work together. Drupal portal and Alfresco ECM are based on Lucene Solr which is allowing a very powerful search and OpenLDAP as the central directory.

The OpenLDAP directory is shared between applications and enriched, thanks to the profile information and membership areas. OpenLDAP can be coupled with the corporate directory.

High Level Architecture Technology

The documents are accessible through a Web browser, but also by the file explorer (WebDAV), mailbox (IMAP) and applications such as Office or LibreOffice. When adding documents through one of these channels, that triggers indexing and notify the users (eg by internal or classic email).

Of course, the platform provides an homogeneous and simple management of user-rights between these applications. The various existing roles, Employee, Manager and External to Enterprise User (extranet) only have access to their information, in dedicated areas which represent groups (eg for a project) or organizations (department, services of the company).

ECM Hosting That Suits You

In the case of our "On Premise"offer, GoFast is executed directly in your private virtual infrastructure (VMWare, Xen, HyperV). You have total control over the machine hosting the ECM platform.

The "Dedicated Cloud" is proposed through our partnership with a French WebHost. It is a service in a T-3+ ranked Datacenter located in Haute Savoie, 5 minutes from CEO-Vision's Headquarters. You have your own dedicated infrastructure without having to worry about maintaining it. You are free to propose any other web host if you wish.

In the case of our "Private Cloud", you can benefit from a high quality infrastructure on a shared Virtual Machine. You have the tranquility to not worry about outsourcing operations, nor maintenance and at a low cost. The whole is located in a Datacenter classified T-3 + based in France, 5 minutes from CEO-Vision Headquarters.


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