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Why you need our ECM more than an other?

GoFAST by CEO-Vision
Competitors’ ECM
(the most unfavorable cases)
Speed of implementation  1 day Up to 1 year
Cost of implementation  €1990 Can exceed € 500K
Low-cost subscription From € 2990/y to € 24990/y Can exceed € 500K

Controlled budget

Annual fixed cost

Proportional to the nomber of users


Low: Open Source-based internationally recognized (alfresco, drupal ...) High: even among major publishers because sources are not opened
Privacy & Security In your data center (on premise) - auditable sources Cloud abroad = high "risk of "Prism"
Responsiveness and customer focus Developments according to your needs Uncommon among major publishers
User experience Used/tested by no-IT professionals Often complex
Globalization Switch from French to English Often, just one integrated tong
Tool for productivity Yes
(initial concept)
Remains to be demonstrated
Collaborative ECM and  ESN are integrated Yes Often one or other
Heterogeneous fleet Effective on several Windows, Mac OS, Linux applications Often requires the last versio of your browser & effective on restricted OS
Compatible with LibreOffice Yes Rarely
Easy Transition Interaction bwith desktop tools Rupture often required
Updates (including Alfresco, Drupal, etc ..) Included Costly in time and money
Mobility access - nomad Tablets (iOS, Android), offline synchronization (Dropbox type) Poor coverage
Administration Simple Complex / costly


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