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Collaborative Office Suite in GoFAST 3.0


Archamps Technopole - January 10, 2017

The soon available version 3 of GoFAST, a unique ECM Collaborative Platform and Document management System, is a technology breakthrough.

GoFAST unique concept is based on the best of Open Source that includes GED Alfresco and in the last 3 years had successfully replaced solutions like Sharepoint, EMC-Documentum and Alfresco. 

GoFast 3.0 that will be available in early 2017 is a real technological revolution integrating an browser-based collaborative office suite (OnlyOffice) competing directly with MS Office 365 and Google Docs. The technology choosen is onpremise and compatible with MS-Office formats.

Always attentive to the needs of our users and customers, CEO-Vision decided to integrate this collaborative suite on their request. They were eager to take advantages of this new functionality with wide functional range

  • real-time co-editing of procedures and specifications 
  • real-time wording of technical notices in response to calls for tenders
  • real-time drafting of meeting minutes 


Available in SaaS or OnPremise with auditable sources, GoFast offers the highest level of confidentiality: your office documents (word, excel, power point) remains on your GoFAST server including during collaborative edition unlike Cloud solutions like Google Docs. Furthermore, with OnPremise (GoFast is hosted on the server in the head office) no internet bandwidth is used.

Operational in 24h onpremise, our subscription includes all updates of the underlying Open Source technologies (Alfresco, Drupal, Bonitasoft,....). GoFAST enables customers to take advantages of new collaborative functionalities without any additional costs for their companies. 

Our users include Ministry of Finance (AIFE), Auvergne Rhone-ALpes Region, Botanic, Belgian Development Agency (CTB), AVEM, Unédic AGS, etc. 


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