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GoFAST platform

The Collaborative ECM-DMS* GoFAST, what is it ? 




  • A collaborative platform including the ECM-DMS* Alfresco, a Collaborative Office Suite, a Workflow system and a Search Engine to achieve productivity gains, replacing the obsolete mailbox and file server, as well as Office 365 / Google Docs.

  • A web interface easy to handle, even with light training.

  • The symbiosis of the best Open Source technologies in their respective fields, to offer reliability, technological standards and auditability, SaaS or On Premise** for optimal privacy of your data.

  • Economic alternative to proprietary tools such as SharePoint, Documentum, etc. and a technology that integrates with scanning, electronic signature, archiving solutions and other business applications.

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What the Collaborative ECM GoFAST is made for ?

  • Centralizing all the contents of your organization, scattered between server, PC, mailboxes, tablets, etc. (All file types).

  • Significantly decreasing the number of mails and attachments, never in the right version.

  • Always accessing to the right versions of documents, being able to find them in a record time (powerful search engine).

  • Collaborating effectively even among dispersed teams and traveling thanks to a collaborative Office Suite.

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Differences compared to other ECM*-DMS** on the market…




  • An innovative concept with a transversal and standardized solution that enables to reduce the costs of superfluous developments.

  • A solution based on the best open source technologies, (Alfresco, Drupal, etc.) tested and evaluated before being integrated into the platform.

  • A platform that can be installed and operational in 24 hours OnPremise** or SaaS**.

  • A low-price packaged offer: support, maintenance and updates included.

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Among the projects carried out, the GoFAST platform allows our customers to...

  • Dematerialize and manage applications for EU subsidies for agriculture (Region Auvergne Rhône Alpes - France).

  • Centralize and share documents between headquarters and agencies located overseas (BTCCTB - Belgium).

  • Achieve 30% productivity gain in the management of budgets between headquarters and stores (Botanic - France).

  • Manage (edit, correct, validate, publish) the overall Chorus documentation, the accounting software of the French State (AIFE- France).

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*ECM: Electronic Content Management / *DMS: Document System Management
**On Premise = In your Datacentre / **SaaS = outsourced hosting - Cloud

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