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CEO-Vision - Our Services

Solid Experience From IT Strategy Up to Operational Requirements.

CEO-Vision has a double experience as the result of our history background as a software editor and the large corporation CTO/CIO skills of its founder.

Thus, CEO-Vision enables you to combine 3 requirements:

  • User viewpoint (ease to use, ergonomic)
  • CIO viewpoint (quality and sustainability of technologies, costs, risks)
  • General Management Viewpoint (strategic advantage, speed of implementation, efficiency in organization)

All this allows us to offer an overall view, taking into account not only the technological field but also the business, organizational and strategic challenges faced by the worldwide leading companies.

Change Management Expertise

Technology is not all about! CEO-Vision has great experience in supporting change management around the collaborative platform.

We guide you to the change of practices in order to maximize the effectiveness of GoFast platform within your company, to lose “bad habits” and twist to the 21st century new working habits.

Open Source Collaborative ECM Technologies Expertise

The GoFast platform offers very high quality requirements (response time, availability rate > 99.99%).

Indeed, CEO-Vision has significant experience in developing complex technologies and obviously, is an expert in the technology that make up the GoFast, like Drupal (CMS), Alfresco (EDM), Solr (Research), Bonitasoft (Workfolw) and the technological building blocks as CentOS (Linux), Apache, MySQL.

Open Source plays a growing role in business nowadays, these technologies compete with the best commercial solutions on the market, but at a much lower cost and are fully auditable!

CEO-Vision assists you in migrating to these open source technologies including the desktop, with tools such as LibreOffice, Thunderbird (email) Linux, and others.


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